We take excellence to the highest level

Only when you sum the great professionalism of our air crews, the meticulous work of our ground crew and one of Europe’s most versatile fleets do you get an efficient, dynamic, sound company.

"We are Europe’s number one in charter and wet lease operations"

Our numbers back us up

200 Airports, 87 countries, over 3 million seats per year


Pullmantur Air is founded and achieves AOC and CAMO certification.


We attain TRTO and PART 145 approvals


Pullmantur becomes part of Royal Caribbean PLC


The fleet increases to three B-747-400s and a fourth on wet lease


Cancún, Punta Cana and Santo Domingo become regular destinations


We achieve IOSA certification


Pullmantur Air becomes Wamos


Our fleet increases to 12 aircraft: five B747-400s and seven A330-200s


We modernise our fleet: four A330-200s and five A330-300s


We celebrate 20 years

We are backed by the most important certifications

We are members and collaborators of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and we have its
IOSA Operator registration certificate.

We are also members of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and hold the following
licenses and certificates issued by EASA:

- Operating license and air operator certificate (E-AOC-055)

- Certificate of approved training organization (E-ATO-262)

- Maintenance organization approval certificate (ES.145.148)

- Certificate of approval of the continuing airworthiness management organization (ES.CAMO.018)

A great team

Years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the sector and great passion for their work describe our management team.

Enrique Saiz

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

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Enrique Saiz is an aeronautical engineer with an MBA from the IESE Business School. He has helmed the company since 2012, spearheading the successful growth that has made it Spain’s third largest airline, thanks to its diversified regular line/wet lease business model. He joined the company in 2003, when it went by the name Pullmantur Air, and has extensive experience in the sector, holding a variety of top management posts within the Wamos group.

Concha Navarro

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

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Navarro has been part of the Wamos Group for more than 10 years. In 2020, she was promoted from Corporate Treasury Director to Financial Director. She currently leads a team of 41 people, who are responsible for the preparation of financial statements, treasury controls, budgets, financial analyses, and reporting to the Board of Directors of the Wamos Group, as well as the international subsidiaries of the Group and the UTES.

Toni Cajal

VP Commercial

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Wamos Air’ Commercial Director since 2014, Cajal previously held the same post at Let’s Fly / Top Fly Airlines. He has also held various positions of responsibility at other leading companies in the aeronautical industry, including Girjet, Inter Flights, and Chapman Freeborn Airchartering among others.

Salvador Martínez

VP Operations

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With prior experience at companies like Air Europa and Swissport, Martínez has over 19 years of experience in the aeronautical sector and has been with Wamos Air since 2012 as head of on-board services and cargo, and director of ground operations and commercial routes.

Hugo Gómez

VP Safety

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An aeronautical engineer by training, since 2011 Gómez has led both areas in the scope of AOC, CAMO, maintenance centre 145 and ATO. Among his main achievements are the design, implementation, and improvement of the company's Safety Management System (SMS) and supervision of the compliance monitoring programme and the IOSA programme.

María Gaya

VP Marketing & Communications

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Gaya, who holds an undergraduate degree in Advertising and PR, an MPC, a Master's Degree in Communication and Advertising Management from ESIC Business & Marketing School, has worked for the company since 2014. She previously served as Creative and Brand Director for Google and worked for many other international advertising agencies in different European capitals, overseeing accounts for Mini, Iberia, L’OREAL, Opel, and Michelin, among others.

Jon Artucha

VP Technical

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An industrial engineer with an MBA from the ICADE Business School, Artucha joined the company in 2004. His achievements since 2011 include the management, direction, and monitoring of the engineering, maintenance and logistics areas, in addition to fleet management and the negotiation of lease contracts for aircraft and engines.

Victoriano Miguel

VP Flight Operations

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Victoriano has held this post since 2012, prior to which he held the same position for 20 years at TNT Airways. Over the course of his career, he has accrued 22,000 flight hours in all types of operations: scheduled, instruction, test, certification, demonstration, and exhibition flights. He is also currently a B747-400 examiner and instructor.

Cintia Álvarez

Commercial Manager

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Álvarez oversees the examination and quoting of Wet Lease and Full Charter flights, through the control and operational management of the company’s entire fleet. An Aeronautical Manager with an MBA in Business Administration and Management, she has worked in the aeronautical sector since 2016, joining Wamos Air in 2018.

Javier Tawfiq

Part 145 Maintenance Manager

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Javier Tawfiq is head of Part 145 at Wamos Air. Before joining the company in late 2012, he worked at other airlines, such as Swiftair, where he held various positions, though throughout his career he has invariably worked on the maintenance of aircrafts and different types of fleets.

Víctor Blanco

VP Legal & Counsel

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Before joining the company in 2016, Blanco, who holds a Law Degree and Master in Business Legal Advice, worked at other airlines, such as IberoJet, and top-tier law firms, like Garrigues and Deloitte Legal. He serves as a legal advisor in the negotiation of all the company’s contracts, legal proceedings and data protection matters.

Tarun Mahtani

Part 145 Deputy Maintenance Manager

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An Aeronautical Engineer in charge of the management of 145 Maintenance organization, including maintenance planning and monitoring the technical status of all operations, Mahtani joined the company in 2014 as a CAMO Engineer, before becoming Part 145 Deputy Maintenance Manager in 2022.

Maribel Serrano


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Serrano is in charge of managing and overseeing the plans and policies to develop the company’s human talent, and coordinating with the different areas. She holds a Master's Degree in Human Resources Management and began her professional career in executive aviation. She joined Wamos Air in 2012 and held various positions before becoming head of the Human Resources Department in 2016.

Óscar Escobar

Flight Operations Deputy Manager

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An Aeronautical Engineer in charge of planning, organizing, leading, and coordinating all areas of Flight Ops Administration and Engineering, as well as managing coordination with the Charter and OCC Department for the evaluation of new operations, Escobar has worked at many of the sector’s other companies, including Plus Ultra and Expace.

José Luis Díez

Crew Control Manager

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Díez is responsible for scheduling the airline’s pilots and crew. He joined Wamos Air in 2014 and has more than 20 years of experience in aviation. In addition, he has worked at many other companies of the sector, such as Air Comet.

Javier Senent

Continuous Airworthiness Manager

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An Aeronautical Technical Engineer, who has been with Wamos Air since 2006, Senent started in the Quality Department before becoming head of Cargo Operations, and CAMO head in 2012. He previously worked at other airlines, including IberoJet and Air Europa.

Fernando Gallostra

OCC Manager

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With 35 years of experience in the aviation sector, working at airlines such as Viva Air, Futura International Airways, and Flylevel, Gallostra joined Wamos Air in 2009.

Miguel Ángel Reyes

Cabin Crew Manager

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Reyes is the head of Wamos Air’s flight crew personnel in both Spain and the other countries where the airline operates. He has dedicated his entire professional career to aviation, beginning as a CCM and holding various positions before becoming head of the department in 2007. He joined Wamos Air at the outset in 2003, helping prepare the company to obtain the AOC and start operations.

Mikel Lozano

Business Development & Cargo Manager.

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Lozano has worked in the aeronautical sector for more than 15 years, joining the Wamos Air team in 2013, where he held several positions before becoming Business Development and Cargo Manager. He is an Aeronautical Manager with a postgraduate degree from Cranfield.

Moheb Adel

Travel Manager

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Adel has more than 20 years of experience in the aeronautical sector and has served as head of the Travel Area at Wamos Air since 2014. Previously, he performed the same functions at other companies, including Korean Air, American Airlines, and Group Pullmantur, among others.

Álvaro Rodríguez

Services on Board Manager

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After more than 15 years of experience in the aviation sector, working at companies like Iberia, Air Nostrum, and Newrest, Rodriguez joined Wamos Air in 2017. Since the summer of 2021, he has held the position of On-Board Services Manager, overseeing all department functions related to the services provided by the company: ACMIs, WET LEASE, CHARTER, etc.

Iván Arrue

CAMO Compliance Monitoring Manager

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Arrue has more than 20 years of experience in the aeronautical sector, performing different functions in the Quality Area. He started at Wamos Air in 2018 as Operational Safety Officer in the CAMO and 145 areas, and in September 2022 he became head of CAMO Compliance Control.

Emilio Blas

Compliance Control Manager

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Blas entered the aviation industry in 2009 and has worked at several of the sector’s companies, including: ATM, SENASA, Swissport and AESA/SENASA. He joined Wamos in 2017 and is currently the head of Compliance Control. His responsibilities include the preparation and control of surveillance, standards, regulations, suppliers and subcontractors.

Andrea Sánchez

Station Manager Home Base

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From engaging in direct contact with suppliers to obtaining operational permits, Sánchez ensures the company’s confirmed operations at national and international bases are executed correctly. An Aeronautical Manager who has worked at Wamos Air since 2014, she was promoted to head of the company’s operations at Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas Airport in 2019.

Julián Olmeda

Logistics Manager

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Olmeda started his career in aviation more than 20 years ago at Swiftair. He worked for many companies in the field of aeronautical maintenance before joining Wamos Air in December of 2012. He is responsible for the tools and materials necessary for the correct maintenance of our fleet, and he manages purchases, repairs, warehousing and logistical movements in all the countries where we operate.

Irene Batalla

Security Manager

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Aeronautical Manager with a Master's Degree in Aeronautics and Airport Management and Direction. She has worked in the aeronautical sector since 2017. She has worked in various departments within the company and in 2024 she has become Manager, overseeing AVSEC security, and ensuring compliance with operational security.  

Our values
define us

Our company works based on
five fundamental values:


Teamwork:all our employees play an essential role in the company and we promote the personal, occupational and social development of each of them.


Seeking excellence:we want our clients to enjoy the best experience from start to finish and to achieve their full satisfaction on each trip.


Offering our experience:After focusing our services on people for 20 years, we believe in the value each client, consumer and supplier brings.


Working with integrity: professionalism, ethics and honesty govern the actions of each and every one of Wamos Air’s people.


Caring for society: we carry out actions to support various social causes and are firmly committed to reducing CO2 emissions.

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Airlines, tour operators, large companies, governments and celebrities worldwide trust in the quality and excellence of our services.


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